Tencent London 2012 website Olympic Games 27 July - 12 August


开始时间: 结束时间: 地点: 英国伦敦 伦敦东区 斯特拉特福德奥林匹克体育场

Liu Peng: Best Performance of China in Olympics Held Overseas

The closing ceremony of London Olympics is about to start. And Chinese Olympic ....... more

Nikkei Report: Tencent Olympic Report is the Most Eye-catching

August 11. Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) revealed in an essay titled "Truth on ........ more

Bai: London Did Well, Our Golds Mean More Than 08

Less than a few hours, London Olympics will come to the end. At this moment, talk show ...... more

Lin Dan: Shy When First Met His Wife

After harvesting the gold medal in London Olympics and winning a grand slam....... more

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Medal Table

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    • Bolt: Heading to the opening ceremony

      Heading to the opening ceremony had to stop for a pic with the fans

    • Djokovic:never forget that spectacle!

      I’ll never forget the last night's spectacle! The excitement, adrenaline, the atmosphere - everything was just perfect...